Matilde Marín’s work (Buenos Aires, 1948) is characterized by the thoroughness with which it adopts various techniques in the elaboration of its works, which include both photography and video, as well as engraving and installation.Matilde Marín’ s aesthetic ideas and projects always transcend the mere exercise of art and reached, through years, dexterity and undisputed refinement in image processing. Its current production is focused on the role of the artist as a “witness”, recording stories about the world we inhabit, as well as situations related to pure landscape and its natural or artificial alteration.

The Imaginary Journey of Kazimir Malevich is a series of sixteen intervened photographs that present the result of a search and discovery of the Suprematist multiplied forms in contemporary life, that trigger memories of Russian painter Kazimir Malevich.

Marin has achieved a pure and timeless spactiality in her transfigured images, which generate and transmit the feeling that the Suprematist forms may appear wherever the mind and hands produce them as a sign of human capacity for radical creation.

Indeterminate landscapes is her new series of photographic records that show timeless, unknown destinations with few geographical references; a nature that captivates with its apparent simplicity, provided of an enigmatic beauty. Landscapes arise outside the viewer who contemplates the horizon as the main route and Marin’s interventions as indicators of its presence in these uncertain destinations.

Matilde Marín (1948, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a Swiss-Argentinian artist, graduated as a sculptor at the School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires. He continued his engraving studies at Kunstgewerbeschule, Zurich, Switzerland. She has made numerous solo and group exhibitions, such as: Una línea continua. Temas sobre el paisaje, Museum of Fine Arts of Neuquen, Argentina (2014); Arte como palabra,  Sicart gallery, Barcelona, ​​Spain (2014); Dos Contrastes, Del infinito gallery (2013); Proyecto Pharus, Patricia Ready gallery, Santiago de Chile, Chile (2012); Itinerarios Visuales, Museum of Contemporary Art, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil (2009); among others. She has received many artistic awards, such us: Jorge Romero Brest to the career, Argentina Association of Art Critics (2009) VII Biennial International Prize for Cuenca, Ecuador (2001); Salta Award, Salta, Argentina (1999), Leonardo Creation Award, Argentina (1997) Konex Platinum Award (1992); First Biennial Latin American Prize of Puerto Rico (1988); Honor Award, Engraving National Institution, Argentina (1985), among others. She published numerous texts and artist books. Her work has been also featured in various publications such as: En la palma de la mano- Artistas de los ochenta- by Victoria Verlichak (2008); No sabe – No contesta, Prácticas fotográficas contemporáneas desde América Latina, by Rodrigo Alonso, Cazali Rosina, Maria A. Lovino, Liliana Martinez (2008); among others. Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Matilde Marín
Series: Cuando divise el humo azul de Ítaca
Suite of 11 unique pieces. Digital edition. Copied in Canson Photo Matte paper
Matilde Marín
Microrelato con Giacometti. Series: Microrelatos
Suite of 9 photographs. Analog take with digital intervention. Copied on Edition Etching paper. Edition of 3 + 2 AP
11.8 x 11.8 in
Matilde Marín
Series: Bogotá Berlin
Suite of 17 photographs. Analog take, digital intervention. Copied in Edition Etching Rag paper. Edition of 3 + 2 AP
11.8 x 9.8 in
Matilde Marín
Capadoccia. Series: Bricolage Contemporáneo
Suite of 12 photographs. Analog take, digital intervention. Copied in Kodak photographic paper. Edition of 3 + 2 AP
35.4 x 47.2 in
Matilde Marín
Series: Artist's Book
Suite of 10 photographs. Analog take, digital intervention. Copied in Kodak Professional Endura paper. Edition of 5 + 2 AP
13.8 x 17.7 in
Matilde Marín
Series: El viaje imaginario de Kasimir Malevich
Suite of 17 photographs. Analog take, digital intervention. Copied in Verona textured paper. Edition of 3
16.5 x 11.8 in
Matilde Marín
Series: Paisajes indeterminados
Suite of 8 photographs. Analog take, digital intervention. Copied in Photo Rag Satin paper. Edition of 3 + 2 AP
37 x 44.9 in
Matilde Marín
Macquarie Lightstation II. Series: Proyecto Pharus
Suite of 12 photographs. Analog take, digital intervention. Copied in Kodak photographic paper. Edition of 3 + 2 AP
41.3 x 49.2 in