Polesello, Aizenbeg, Kosice, Vardanega, Le Parc, Iommi, Puente, Arden Quin, Espinosa, Demarco, Straschnoy, De Volder, Pastorino, Imola, Batistelli, Cabutti, Reyna · 09.02.2023 - 15.03.2023

Eléctrico/ ecléctico

curatorial text

eléctrico/ ecléctico

Electric/eclectic brings together a selection of Argentine artists from different generations and media. The exhibition features a wide variety of works by the following artists: Julio Le Parc, Rogelio Polesello, Hugo Demarco, Gregorio Vardánega, Antonio Berni, Roberto Aizenberg, Manuel Espinosa, Carmelo Arden Quin, Gyula Kosice, Alejandro Puente, Enio Iommi, Leo Batistelli, Beto de Volder, Marcela Cabutti, Axel Strachnoy, Martín Reyna, Fabiana Imola and Esteban Pastorino. This exhibition is an opportunity to appreciate the richness and diversity of Argentine art. From photography to painting, sculpture and object art, as well as works of historical transcendence, which allows us to explore ideas and concepts in a unique and diverse way.


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