Beto De Volder · NEO POST, 50 años de pintura geométrica en la Argentina 1970-2020 · MACBA

Beto De Volder is part of NEO POS, 50 years of geometric painting in Argentina 1970-2020, a group show by the renowned curator Rodrigo Alonso at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires.

Since the 1940s, geometric painting has maintained a constant presence in Argentine art, although with periods of different intensity. In its beginnings, it was an instrument to expunge the figurative anecdotes favoring the exploration of the plastic resources; in this sense, it became a key element for the establishment of pictorial modernism. But over time it acquired its own statute, giving life to a fertile ground for formal research. After the different specific aspects of the forties and the emergence of the sixties (generative art, primary structures, op-art, etc.), geometry undertook new directions that have been called with the most varied labels: new geometry, sensible geometry, neo-geo, parageometry, ornamental geometry, postgeometry, etc.

This exhibition aims to explore the rich diversity of geometric manifestations, taking into account their plastic qualities, their driving ideas, their contributions to the pictorial medium and their wide plurality in current production.

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