Julio Le Parc · CCK, MNBA & Colón Theatre

In celebration of the ninety years of the pioneer artist of kinetic art worldwide and his long and prolific international career dedicated to creation, 3 large exhibitions are held simultaneously in Buenos Aires.

Julio Le Parc: A visionary at CCK. The exhibition goes over Le Parc’s vast production, from his first works made in Argentina in 1958 to his most recent creations, result of sixty years of research with light, painting, sculpture, and participatory experiences. After being exhibited in Paris, London, Miami, Brazil and New York, a set of works imagined and carried out in Paris arrives to Buenos Aires. +info

Julio Le Parc: Transition Buenos Aires-Paris (1955-1959) (MNBA), under the artistic direction of Yamil Le Parc, is part of the national tribute that celebrates the artist’s career at his 90 years. The exhibition, which can be visited until November 17 at the MNBA, brings together a hundred paintings, drawings, watercolors and engravings, some of them never exhibited before, which highlight the early work of the great Argentine artist. Curated by the artistic director of the Fine Arts, Mariana Marchesi, the exhibition goes over a period dated between the decades of 1950-1960, from her student days at the National School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires to his early years in Paris, where he founded the Grupo de Investigación de Arte Visual (GRAV) with whom he made his initial experiences with geometric abstraction.

Mobile Rombo Colón is an artwork from his series “Mobile Experiences” specially commissioned by the Colón Theatre within the framework of national tributes that celebrate the pioneer of kinetic art. It is a monumental installation measuring 11.5 meters on each side and 4.40 meters high, consisting of a mobile of 3101 fluorescent translucent acrylic pieces and steel wires, surrounded by 28 perimeter mirrors, which defies the perception of the viewer and invites us to experience a work in permanent change. The artistic direction is also in charge of Yamil Le Parc, the general coordination corresponds to Guadalupe Ramírez Oliberos, and the production is developed by Juan Gashu and Santiago Martirena.

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