Marcela Cabutti · Natural Cosmovision · CCR, Buenos Aires

“Cosmovisión Natural” brings together 360° murals and installations by artists Marcela Cabutti, Paula Duró, Maximiliano Peralta Rodríguez and Michael Edwards (Yaikel), who propose a reflection on nature and the relationship we have with it.

In room J there is a mural by Paula Duró and an installation by Marcela Cabutti made of bricks, clay and glass. In room C, a mural by Yaikel and an installation by Maximiliano Peralta Rodríguez with branches, trunks and other natural waste brought from Rincón (Santa Fe), where he lives.

Julián Manzelli and Laura Spivak, curators of the exhibition, states that “Human beings play a fundamental role in their relationship with nature because they are distinguished by the ability to reflect on their place in it. Organized in pairs, the artists summoned meet in a common space to exchange ideas, ancestral and contemporary knowledge, worldviews. The result of these encounters reveals that, just as it happens in nature, interaction is essential to live in relation to the other, in a constant and collaborative exchange”.

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