Marcela Cabutti · Helecheros · Balcarce Museum

Marcela Cabutti presents Helecheros, solo show at Balcarce Museum.

We are pleased to share the news of the long-term project that began in July 2021 at the Del Infinito gallery with Marcela Cabutti’s Balcarce, topographical memories of a landscape solo exhibition. This exhibition was the first chapter of a wide-ranging project that started from the invitation received by the artist to work in the mountainous territory of Balcarce, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As part of the continuity of this valuable project, this Saturday, September 3, 2022 at 4:00 p.m., the exhibition Helecheros will be inaugurated at the Historical Museum of Balcarce. This individual exhibition by Marcela Cabutti, already in Balcarce territory, revolves around the working day that the artist shared with the workers of the area and its records and experiences are reflected in the museum space located near the Cerro El Triunfo.

In an affective text, Marcela Cabutti recounts what she experienced on that shared day; a video shows the experience, where not only the beautiful mountain landscape is observed, but also the testimonies of those who continue the tradition of a job unknown to a large part of our society.

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