Alberto Greco & Claudio Abate · Rome Art Week · Casa Argentina in Rome

“The edge of voices. Plural perspectives in Argentine contemporary art ”. Rome Art Week. Casa Argentina, Via Veneto 7, Rome. Curated by Ana Laura Espósito.

Through various media and languages, the exhibition “The Edge of Voices” brings together different generations of artists who contribute, with their own vision of the world, to deconstruct common sense, install questions and dismantle stereotypes.

The title of the exhibition is inspired by the book “The Woman Who Looks at Men Who Look at Women” by the writer and poet Siri Hustvedt: “I am a great lover of the arts, humanities and sciences. I am a novelist and a feminist. I am also a passionate reader whose views have been and are continually being reconsidered and modified by books and articles from various fields. The truth is that I am filled to the brim with voices, not always harmonious, of other writers ”.

Curated by Ana Laura Espósito.

©Archivio Claudio Abate.

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