Martín Reyna · Champ Libre. Clairefontaine Chapel · France

Martín Reyna is one of the eight artists who is part of the collective exhibition Champ Libre at the Clairefontaine Chapel Art Center, curated by Raphaël Ocampo.

Along with the participation in the exhibition, Reyna carried out the installation “Black and Red”, specially conceived for one of the corridors of the building. This intervention that occupies the entire extension of the space is 20 meters long by 3m high.

In the artist’s words: “I worked from these two colors that tell a color story along the corridor. At the beginning of the installation they are separated: the black on the right and the red on the left side.

They meet little by little until they mix themselves. The perspective accompanies the journey of this work in order to enter the story between these colors and to perceive the modifications of the space. Red and black have a very strong symbolic charge and it was what excited me to work on the actual site. I’m interested in the tension and complicity that associate them.”

Other participating artists are Anne-Flore Cabanis, Alberto Guzmán, Julio Le Parc, Valentina Mir, Joe Neill, G. T. Pellizzi and Martha Rodríguez.

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