Casa Basavilbaso, CABA · 13.10.2021 - 17.10.2021



Romina Ressia’s Solo Show is Del Infinito’s proposal for BAphoto 2021.

The project brings together photographs from the Series How would have been? and 18th century. Owner of a pictorial style, Ressia is known for her anachronisms and the use of absurdity and irony to address modern issues and interpersonal relationships.

Short selection of magazine articles and notes about Romina Ressia and her work:

“Romina’s photography provokes and challenges us to confront things which may seem uncomfortable however manages to provide a reassuring quality. This juxtaposition between comfort and uncomfortable is a powerful one which resonates throughout her practice.”

Wall Street International Mag, 18.03.2015

“One series, “How would have been?,” is comprised of striking, often humorous images that pose unexpected anachronisms. Ressia’s objectives are clear in the title, and in the works themselves: in some
of these photographs she reimagines classical 15th-century portraiture, casting a contemporary female figure as the subject and inserting tangible objects from contemporary life into the frame, like microwave
popcorn or bubblegum. In other pieces, the message is subtler, the scene devoid of any trappings of the 21st century.

Artsy by Bridget Gleeson, 24.02.2015

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