Lima, Perú · 22.04.2015 - 26.04.2015



Cabutti, Cárdenas, Le Parc, Sobrino, Tomasello, Ventoso, Reyna

The artists Marcela Cabutti, Ricardo Cárdenas, Martín Reyna, Andrés Sobrino and Ventoso make up Del Infinito’s exhibition proposal for the 2015 edition for PArC fair. These artists’s works are in direct dialogue with the works of two exponents of the virtual lumino-kinetic experience such as Luis Tomasello and Julio Le Parc. What is to be highlighted among the set of works exhibited is the anatomy of the shapes; from pure geometry to organic geometry.

Marcela Cabutti will exhibit small blown glass showers; Cardenas interwoven aluminum assemblies simulating to be constructions of nature; Martín Reyna’s work in watercolor, inspired by a sensitive geometry, in turn and in contrast, Sobrino manifests a rigorous line treatment, while Ventoso inspires a sensation of movement with his high-density polymer plates. The proposal shows different media and techniques in which artists display their aesthetic expression.

Del Infinito seeks to establish a platform that favors the exchange and the bond between local and international artists, evidenced by its commitment to contemporary problems by stimulating new forms of approach, enjoyment and critical thinking of art with its works

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