Madrid, España · 25.02.2015 - 01.03.2015



Boto, Le Parc, Tomasello, Vardánega

Solo project:
Fernando Pareja & Leidy Chávez

Del infinito presents in the 2015 edition of ARCOmadrid four prominent Argentine artists who, at the end of the 50s, established themselves in Europe.

Both Julio Le Parc, Luis Tomasello, Martha Boto and Gregorio Vardánega assumed the challenge of making their way among important figures of the European artistic avant-gardes, with the aim of solving the problem of light and movement.

The works selected for ARCOmadrid 2015 address the language of Optical and Kinetic Art from multiple perspectives, including painting, collage, photography and mobile structures. Through rigorous and almost scientific experimentation with shapes, the selected artists propose an aesthetic of movement in which the viewer is invited to sink their gaze between light vibrations and feelings of instability, actively engaging with the work. With this proposal, Del Infinito seeks to highlight the bridges of influences that these artists have taken root between both continents; establishing creative attunements that today constitute a rich stream of affinities that still remains in force as a benchmark of our contemporaneity.


Solo project:

Fernando Pareja & Leidy Chávez are two artists from Popayán (Colombia), who work together addressing their popular thematic works. Their works relate fantastic and imaginary universes with elements of typical collective memory in the Latin American context, playing with the reality and fiction of the represented events.

The proposed installation for the ARCOmadrid 2015 Solo Project focuses on The Legacy of the Latin American avant-gardes, with a special interest in popular sources and traditional crafts. The strobe animation entitled Project Bridge that derives from research on 19th century animation devices – such as zoetropes and praxinoscopes – and use them in the contemporary context as an alternative medium to convey a powerful message.

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