Buenos Aires, Argentina · 04.06.2015 - 07.06.2015



Alzate, Boto, Battistelli, Cabutti, Cárdenas, Demarco, Le Parc, Marín, Reyna, Sobrino, Straschnoy, Tomasello, de Volder

Cabinet Lan:
Alberto Greco

Del Infinito’s proposal integrates prominent artists from the local and international art scene such as: Andrés Sobrino, Axel Straschnoy, Beto de Volder, Fredy Alzate, Leo Battistelli, Matilde Marín, Marcela Cabutti and Martín Reyna, along with prominent exponents of the Lumino experience -virtual kinetics-, such as Julio Le Parc, Luis Tomasello, Hugo Demarco and Martha Boto.

Through rigorous and almost scientific experimentation with forms, the authors propose an aesthetic that activate movements with surprising effects, with light stimuli and instabilities. Diversity and dynamism are found in each of his works, which are recognized by the force of his formal innovation that arises from the exploration of various supports and techniques, as well as from deep conceptual research, dialoguing with the particularities of space and reconfiguring it from the direct relationship they find with their environment.

Among the numerous sections that the fair offers this year, Del Infinito has been selected to participate in the CABINET Lan section of arteBA with a single Project by the artist Alberto Greco. The CABINET Lan section is a prominent sector within the space of some galleries in the Main Section whose objective is to highlight relevant, unique and emblematic works by modern and contemporary artists. The exhibition project includes as a fundamental piece the original Vivo-Dito Manifesto –one-person movement created by Greco-, along with the series of 12 titled photographs, Alberto Greco in Piedralaves and a fragment of the Art Vivo-Dito Manifesto-scroll. In turn, fundamental pieces by the artist will be exhibited, such as collages and fabrics made in the 1960s.

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