Fusilier, León, Quesada Pons y Vega · 15.03.2015 - 30.04.2015


curatorial text

Del Infinito presents the group exhibition titled Limbo, with the participation of artists Carolina Fusilier, Paola Vega, Donjo León and Ramiro Quesada Pons.

The exhibition accounts for the different aesthetic expressions of the artists through various mediums and techniques: painting, installation, video art and object, which are the product of their research and personal journeys. León’s micro-worlds encapsulated in small spaces where they experiment with the decomposition of different elements, the ethereal colors of Vega reflected in large dimensions, Quesada Pons’s stridency and materiality in the video and the scenographic space of Fusilier who declares the theatricality of the work of art.

Curated by Ana Gallardo, Limbo brings together these artists who are attracted to a common nature, that of forming a state of suspension in time and space. The works invite to be toured and experienced with the aim of transmitting an atmosphere of lightness and harmony through art.

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