Estanislao Florido · 27.04.2018 - 01.07.2018

The disenchanted object

curatorial text

The disenchanted object

“The disenchanted object” is an ongoing artistic investigation in which ideas related to “reality and fiction”, “painting and cinema”, “past and present”, “truth and simulation”, “original and copy” are explored. This project is related to the first pornographic and erotic films in history, which were filmed at the beginning of the 20th century in cities such as Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Paris and Vienna. This exhibition is made up of a set of paintings made up from frames of films such as “El Satario”, the first pornographic movie ever filmed and images of the films developed by the production company “Saturn Film”, a pioneer in Europe in this film genre, such as “The sand bath” and “Prohibited Bath”. The visuality of these films, beyond the pornographic, refers to the art history of its time. The paintings place us on the surface of time and invites us to the exercise to feel that we are in the beginning of that century and, from that temporality, to reissue, redefine and reverse part of the art history.

In general terms in his works, Florido questions the definitions of painting, sculpture and video, proposing relationships between them and thinking about possible role changes.

The notions of Time, Reality and Fiction are approached within his production in various ways. Some works also invites us to a journey in time or a deviation in the timeline, while others seek to achieve a transmuted and parallel relationship. They pass through the limit where the canvas is the screen and the history is its material, where the articulations and processes of quotations, links and tracks of various kinds are evident. His projects combine digital animation, fragments of films, paintings belonging to art history and fragments of video games, in pursuit of the construction of stories.

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