Lila Siegrist · 26.06.2012 - 27.08.2012

Vikinga Criolla

curatorial text

Del Infinito presents the exhibition by the artist Lila Siegrist, titled “Vikinga Criolla”. It is a collaborative work between Siegrist and other authors of the visual arts and letters, such as Gilda Di Crosta, Gaston Miranda, Georgina Ricci and Nicolas Levín.

Vikinga Criolla is the body of pieces in which the artist has been working since 2008, consisting of a book of short stories and poems, a documentary and a series of photographs. In this vital fictional body, the author will carry out for the inauguration, a reading of texts from her book on her fire chair.

The scenes and texts, both in the book and the documentary, are voracious, loving, happy and agitated. In the artist’s words: “… all this that is written now is the result of a kind of organic drive, which I have rarely had. And since they are photos that escape, and that I will not have the ability to shoot, I count them, as a way that they exist and someday be able to share them”.

Lila Siegrist was born in Rosario in 1976. She has developed her work especially in photography and video. She has received scholarships for artistic production from several international institutions, as well as numerous awards and mentions. Her work integrates the Macro-Castagnino de Rosario collection, the video library collections of the Fundación Telefónica in Buenos Aires, and private collections from Argentina and abroad.

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