Martin Reyna · 20.09.2012 - 20.11.2012

Reyna in the horizon of color

curatorial text

Philippe Cyroulnik

In the horizon of color

Del infinito presents In the horizon of color, a solo show by artist Martin Reyna curated by Philippe Cyroulnik. As a result of a double vital experience, that of Latin American color, and that of French art, Martín Reyna’s work oscillates between the incandescent to the softer pictorial territories. His work, endowed with incredible plasticity and sensitivity, manages to transmit to the viewer the greatest sensuality of light and color.

His artworks reflect a great capacity to associate the art of the method and the randomness of the comings and goings of both the tense and relaxed. As Cyroulnik indicates, the elements of an architectural or objective nature present in this artist’s work are ambivalent. “The place, the inscription, or the significance that they have in their painting are reversible. They can be structuring points that constitute and organize the pictorial space and build it. Or on the contrary, they are islets that the paint snatches, scatters, and engulfs in its own magma.”

The selected pieces of this exhibiton invites us to go through his first works of the 80s, where small houses and landscapes embedded in symbols are evident between the ambiguity of chaos and order to his most recent large-format watercolors -where color is of key importance for the development of his particular look- this time, in his own southern lands.

This last series, which introduces landscape and nature and fundamental nodes of the concept of its body of work, originates, invades, dominates, and expands in organic fragments of color, taking over the space that contains them.

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