Clorindo Testa · 11.11.2021 - 31.01.2022

Testa, projects and other games

curatorial text

“Testa, projects and other games” brings together pieces from different periods of time, formats and techniques; paintings, sculptures, installations and pieces on paper occupy the main room of the gallery seeking to highlight the dynamics of the game, the experimentation and the concept behind each work of the great master Clorindo Testa. In turn, a complementary room shows models and drawings on paper of various architectural projects submitted to competitions and classified as “rejected”.

Clorindo is and has been an important part of  Del Infinito´s history. We treasure every moment shared with him and we are also very excited to work again with his work, his family and the entire great team of the Clorindo Testa Foundation. We thank them for their trust and together we invite you to visit “Testa, projects and other games”.


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