Marín, Imola, De Volder, Reyna, Florido, Straschnoy, Pastorino · 08.02.2021 - 01.04.2021

2021 Group Show

curatorial text

The 2021 Group show presents the works of Matilde Marín, Fabiana Imola, Beto De Volder, Martín Reyna, Estanislao Florido, Axel Straschnoy and Esteban Pastorino. Beto De Volder and Martín Reyna participate with unreleased works; De Volder with pieces from his series of carved sculptures and Reyna with never-before seen works on paper. Matilde Marín presents Microrelatos (2006-2019), suite of 9 photographs and, Fabiana Imola, a large work on paper and a small hanging sculpture made out of chrome steel. Estanislao Florido shows a video and a work on canvas and, Axel Straschnoy, 4 photographs from the series El Constructor (2003). Lastly, Esteban Pastorino presents an installation from his series Panorámicas (1998-2021).


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