Antoniadis, Cabutti, Laren, Reyna, Florido, Sobrino, Straschnoy, Tarazona, Ventoso · 20.12.2013 - 15.02.2014


curatorial text

Carolina Antoniadis, Marcela Cabutti, Benito Laren, Martín Reyna, Estanislao Florido, Andrés Sobrino, Axel Straschnoy, Jaime Tarazona and Ventoso present small-format works displaying a wide repertoire of materials that includes glass, crystal, paper, microfilms, photographs, postcards, polymer, video and ceramics.

Universus seeks to recall the idea of ​​the encounter of different ways of seeing the world, unified by the same means of expression: art. With this term, we intend not only to refer to the unity that these artists share; but even to the oppositions that arise among them.

Of Latin origin, the word Universus includes an idea of ​​a whole, as well as a combination of parts and shapes. This group of selected works seeks to account for the singularities of each of the artists, arranged in such a way that each piece refers to an individuality that is also an essential part of a whole.

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