Cárdenas, Imola, Marin, Res, Sommerfelt, Ventoso · 10.08.2012 - 11.10.2012

Morphological confrontations

curatorial text

“Morphological confrontations” brings together a set of works inspired by manifestations of nature. They are organic mutable structures that suggest movement and density as a transforming force.

These ephemeral manifestations are reflected in the variation of volumes in Ventoso’s works, where concepts of duality and balance are present as opposing but complementary forces such as light and shadow. In the same way, Ricardo Cárdenas, with his sculptural objects in bronze and stainless steel, accounts for a search for movement and exploration of shapes, together with stability and color.

Fabiana Imola stands as the architect of the mirrored metal, casting zoomorphic shadows in the space that integrate the viewer into a faerie and at the same time gloomy landscape. A similar look introduces the poetics of Nicolai Sommerfelt, through his watercolors the most intimate surroundings are reflected, using myths and bestiaries of the Scandinavian forests.

The melancholic aquatic landscapes in video and photography format of Matilde Marín reintegrate man into an introspective context in communion with nature.

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