Luciana Levington · 28.05.2015 - 24.07.2015

Luciana Levinton

curatorial text

Del Infinito presents a solo show by Luciana Levinton who has created a body of work with an aesthetic point of view that is modern in its precision, bold and hermetic, immediately attractive and bewilderingly impassive.

The fascination with the structural composition of the spaces is highlighted by the use of carefully constructed shapes and diagonals, a resource that allows for the creation of harmonious spaces distinguished by their elegant simplicity. The vertical, diagonal lines and strong electric shadows help create an intense and dramatic atmosphere in her large-format paintings, which, in turn, present forms of sober silhouettes filled with tonal transitions of color.

Spatial configurations are registered in Levinton’s works with extreme synthesism and easily read as pure abstractions, suggesting an interest in such expression through a cinematographic point of view, often presented by her with constructed approaches.

Combining the exciting architecture with such a powerful arrangement, her compositions hold such a pure state that the resulting works are of absolute abstract light sensitivity. However, they do remain permeable to poetic meaning. In her large canvases, spatial coordinates are lost and, with them, the certainty of the object of the gaze, while dimensional convictions are let go in order to create new possible spaces.

The perception of the altered scale opens up possibilities for indefinite interpretations. Levinton’s compositions are both a tribute to the architectural structures that acted as the initial trigger as well as entities that exist by themselves, with their own internal logic.

This logic, which is not necessarily realistic, is mobilizing and absolutely fascinating on its own merits and reaches the viewer with a very personal mix of freshness and power, established between the poetic and the documentary.

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